Authentic Relating Toronto / Emergent Developmental Concepts Inc

Release of Liability Form

Thank you for your participation in Authentic Relating Toronto, herein referred to as (“ART”). We are very pleased to have you attend this workshop, herein referred to as (“the workshop”). Because of the nature of the physical and emotional experiences in our events and courses, this Release of Liability herein referred to as (“Release”) is required as a condition of your participation in Authentic Relating Toronto. The Release is intended as a waiver of any and all liability and any right of legal action against ART (Emergent Developmental Concepts Inc.), it’s staff, leaders and volunteers herein referred to as (“Staff”) as a result of any action or omission connected with the design, planning or actual conduct of the course. Participation into the course is subject to approval of ART staff, in its sole discretion.


Assumption of Risk

I understand that the workshop is emotionally, mentally, and physically demanding. I understand that the workshop hours are long in duration and can be physically and emotionally strenuous. I understand during the workshop some of the participants and or Staff, may use profanity, or may engage in physical challenges. I understand that not all of the risks associated with the workshop activities are known or foreseeable. I understand that any concepts, motions, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations from ART that I accept and/or apply to my life, I do of my own free will. I acknowledge that I have assessed my own emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, and I have concluded that I wish to and am able to participate in the workshop. I agree to disclose any psychological or physical health problem or limitation to staff at the time of application and in any event prior to the course commencing. I understand that if my condition could result in any significant harm, the written approval of a licensed therapist may be required as a condition of my participation in the course. I acknowledge and understand that there are emotional, mental, and even physical risks associated with participation in the course and I hereby voluntarily assume all of those risks. Upon acceptance into the workshop, I undertake and participate in ART at my own risk regardless of any disclosures or written approvals and continue to bear sole responsibility for my wellbeing.


Release of Liability

I hereby forever release and hold harmless ART (Emergent Developmental Concepts Inc), ART staff, their family, heirs and executors from any and all claims, injuries, liabilities, losses, expenses, costs, attorney’s fees, damagers, or actions arising from or directly or indirectly related to my participation in the course regardless if the nature of such claims be emotional, mental, psychological or physical.


Psychotherapy Disclosure

I understand that ART is not a substitute for psychotherapy and is not therapeutic in nature. I understand that I am under no obligation to participate in the ART workshop and that I do so of my own risk and of my own free will. I, the undersigned, certify that I have read Authentic Relating Toronto Release of Liability Form and agree and accept the terms as stated above.