In order to help you grow your business through improving inter-personal communication and sustainable leadership, our team can provide services in the following areas:
New startup? Recent shuffling? Difficulty with employee engagement? Our team building workshops can help everyone get to know one another at a much more fundamental level beyond their job title, opening up potential within their teams and the organization.
Leadership Development
The business world is in transition. Gone are the days of leadership by carrot & stick. Through improved communication tools and development of multi-perspective capacities, tomorrow's leadership is strong, inspiring and sustainable.
Tailored to You
Not quite sure what's needed? EDC can audit your organization and provide recommendations and strategic planning that can include everything from lighthearted team-building to executive coaching. Whatever your group's needs are, we can help you get to where you want to be.
Dialog-OS is an umbrella for individuals and small teams to become more-wise through relational leadership workshops and courses. The Kernel is our foundational multi-week offering into an ecology of wisdom practices and tools.


Why Us?

We understand that every individual comes into an organization with a different set of life experiences and capacities. We also understand that one of the most difficult tasks for an organization is identifying and navigating this diversity such that each individual can engage effectively with one another to operate as part of a larger whole towards a common goal.

We also know that how to do this sustainably is not something taught in school.

At EDC we have access to the emergent edge of knowledge and tools that enable organizations and the individuals within them to realize more and more of their potential.

Through certifications, knowledge and experience in meditation, group process, leadership development, mediation, neuroscience and cutting edge relational 'technologies' such as authentic relating, we bring a diverse set of developmentally conscious tools to the spaces, courses and workshops we create.

And lastly, the work we do is deeply personal to us and as such the work we offer we know first-hand generates value across the entire life experience.

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We are in the business of empowering people to access their fullest potential and when it comes down to it, business IS people.

Right now, business is in a significant cultural transformation. Technology through automation disrupting huge swaths of the workforce. Gen X management and their outdated 'carrot and stick' motivational approach is retiring. Many Gen Y (Millennials) dominate the workforce and yet continue to job hop to find organizations who prioritize a collaborative and team-oriented workplace. Add to this that in the next couple years Gen Z will start to enter the workforce, bringing with them a high-pressure to perform while prioritizing job security. Therefore, any company that can recognize and develop solid channels of communication between these groups enabling them to flow together will have a significant leg-up on those who can't.

When the machines have automated the rest of the processes and narrowed the competitive technological gaps, what will make one organization stand out against it's competitors are it's people and the relationships customers and consumers have with those people.

So what we offer to organizations is development of relational leadership capacities through mindful practices.

The fact is, it doesn't take long in front of a Google Search to see a significant shift towards the integration of mindfulness practices in the business world. As the marketing line goes, 'don't just take our word for it'...

The NY Times did a piece on 'Google's Quest to Build the Perfect Team' and their big takeaway was the teams with the most “emotional intelligence” fared the best!

Psychology Today wrote an article detailing the failures of traditional models of business leadership development and the solution, again, involves relational leadership methods.

Further to that a recent study conducted by Neuberg Gore surveyed about 600 employees asking what behaviors they felt constituted effective leadership, and the resulting list was:

Inspires, Listens, Speaks, Facilitates, Makes Decisions, Delegates and Develops.

Turns out those 7 practices are core to the relational leadership practices we continue to offer individuals and couples through our leadership development courses, retreats and the over 100 events & workshops we've led since 2013.
of workforce occupied by Millennials in 2020
of workforce occupied by Generation Z in 2020
More likely to feel empowered to do their best work if the feel their voice is heard
increased profitability from highly engaged business teams
of businesses that see engagement as a top challenge
of employee's who feel that their leadership does not contribute to a positive company culture


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